Suddenly error inserting citations Word 365/Win 10


I had been happily inserting citations in a 12 page Word 365 desktop (16.0.12624.20278 - 32bit) document, closed it overnight. Reopened it and it will not accept new citations or changes to document preferences.

I tried a binary search to isolate the problem and got it down to the first 5 citations but then could not pin it down to an indiviual citation. I have had a problem in past when there has been a lot of changes tracked but in this case I am not tracking changes - too early a draft. Also tried moving file from OneDrive to local disk.

  • Could you email the smallest snippet of the document that can still produce the error to with a link to this thread? If you are using a custom citation style please attach that too.
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    Sent via email. I am using the included Chicago (note) as footnotes.
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    We don't seem to have received this. Can you try again, or email a link to it on Dropbox or similar?
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    I sent it again to the proper email address this time.
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    Solved it, at least for the moment - it was two citations of the same reference. I removed them and it seems to be working again.

    It took a lot of finding.

    I am going to delete and replace the reference's entry in the database
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