Resource has been exhausted problem

Dear Zotero.
I'm getting a '429: Google Docs request failed.' error. I see some previous discussions about turning off auto refresh, but i cant find this in google docs or in Zotero.
The rest of the error is:
"error": {
"code": 429,
"message": "Resource has been exhausted (e.g. check quota).",
My document is now 248 pages long and has 575 citations.
Any help would be much appreciated.
  • I have reduced the size of the google docs document to 99 pages, and am still getting the same error. I have also had the error 'Selected field null not returned from Docs backend' when trying to update and add to existing citations in google docs.
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    While we have had reports from some users who wrote documents with over 1000 citations with Google Docs, the number of pages and citations you are working it are still a fairly uncharted territory and even desktop word processors like Word or LibreOffice begin to struggle at such sizes, so bear in mind that troubleshooting this might not be trivial.

    That said, you should make a copy of the document and keep removing a half of it and testing Zotero integration or the document shrinks to below 10 pages.

    Also produce a Debug ID from the Zotero Connector:
    1. Open the Zotero Connector preferences
    2. In the Advanced tab of the Zotero Connector preferences, check the box next to “Enable Logging.” Do not close this tab.
    3. In a Google Docs tab perform the operation that produces the error. Click through any dialogs that appear.
    4. Go back to the Advanced tab of the Zotero Connector preferences, uncheck "Enable Logging" and click Submit to Zotero Server.
    5. You will be provided with a Debug ID (e.g., “D12345678”). Please post the Debug ID in this thread.
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    Many thanks for your help so far.
    I am confused, is the Zotero software the same as the connector?
    That has preferences on the Edit menu, and an advanced tab. But no 'Enable Logging' box.
    If the connector is a different bit of software, it must be installed because i can add citations from google docs with a single click. It also asks me if i want to remove it if i attempt to download it again. However i don't know how to launch the connector as a separate bit of software. Is odes not appear in my list of programmes (windows 10 and Chrome).
  • The Zotero Connector is the Save to Zotero button in your browser. Right click on the Save to Zotero button and choose Extension Options, then go to the Advanced pane and choose Enable Logging.
  • If you're using Zotero in google docs, you have the connector. The Link to the debug ID includes instructions on how to open the connector preferences:
  • The Debug Id is D1924975241
  • Have you worked on the document extensively today? Does citing work in a completely new document?
  • In a copy of the original 99 page google docs document in chrome the error reoccurs. When i made a copy of the document and cut it down to just chapter 10 (40% of the full document) the error did not reoccur and i was able to edit and add citations.
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    Did you edit the citations on the document extensively today? It is possible that you have hit a personal google quota for API calls which is why you're getting the error.
  • Hi, no i did a little citation editing today, but not more than 10 at most. Is this a daily limit?
  • I'm afraid this is now coming down to the specifics of your document on why you're hitting this error. There is nothing in your debug log indicating that you are running into this issue because the processing time for the document is too long (one call between Zotero and Google Docs cannot exceed 120s), and the error message Google Docs is giving is ambiguous beyond being actionable.

    You could try the debugging broken documents steps, particularly step 10 where the halving procedure of the document is described in help to isolate if a certain section of a document is causing the problem. If you cannot isolate a problematic part, your best bet is to split up chapters of your piece into different documents and recombine them in the end of writing.
  • Many thanks for your help.
    The 429 error may have been caused by my making two copies of the original document. Sometimes in the past this has solved problems. However after i had given up trying to solve it i turned my pc off and went for a walk. When i got back 2 hours later everything worked!
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