ODT convert not working


I'm trying to use the ODF function on Zotero. I've exported from Scrivener as ODT and when I convert in Zotero it says that the file has been scanned. However, when I open it in OpenOffice there seems to be no change, despite having the Zotero macros installed in Open Office.

Here is an example of the citations:

Manderson suggests[ { | Manderson, 2012 | | |zu:4213916:QIKLQI5D}]

{*Testing some text here*| Manderson, 2012 | | |zu:4213916:QIKLQI5D}

{| Manderson, 2012 |33 |Testing some further text here |zu:4213916:QIKLQI5D}

{Ibid.,|-Manderson, 2012 |33|Testing some further text here |zu:4213916:QIKLQI5D}

{ | Game, 2015 | | |zu:4213916:TCVKDY27}

{ | Beverungen, & Dunne, 2007 | | |zu:4213916:4656JPRH}

{ | Ndiaye, 2016 | | |zu:4213916:WM728F8I}

{ | Hightower, & Anker, 2016 | | |zu:4213916:NR2IDUL8}
  • Are you sure you're opening the output file (which is different from the scanned file)?
  • Yes. I've looked at both files and neither are working. All I have is the above scannable cites copied from Zotero and compiled to an ODT format.
  • Ok so it seems to be working for the citations but not the markers. What's the difference?
  • Sorry, I don't understand -- where do you see citations vs. markers. The file marked as (citations) is the output file and that's where you'd expect to see this working.
  • Yes so in the ODF scan window there are two types of scanning, one is ODF (to citations) and one is ODF (to markers). Does the first one output the markers as citations and the other as already existing citations to markers?
  • Exactly, yes, so coming from Scrivener you always want to use the (to citations) option.
    The other option is probably less used, but say you want to move from writing in Word/LibreOffice to writing in Scrivener, that'd be what you'd use.
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