Bibliography from citation keys in MS Word?


I've just finished my book, using Markdown editors, where I inserted references as citation keys. Finally, I exported everything (hundreds of citations...) to MS Word.
At the moment, I have a MS Word docx file with references in a pure text form.
A sample text (in a MS Word file) looks like this:

From [@andy2020] we can see that...

(no extra MS Word fields included, just pure text)

Obviously, I have mylibrary.bib file generated by Zotero, which looks like this:
title = {Reinforcement Learning: {{A}} Survey},
volume = {4},
shorttitle = {Reinforcement Learning},
journaltitle = {Journal of artificial intelligence research},
date = {1996},
pages = {237--285},
author = {Kaelbling, Leslie Pack and Littman, Michael L. and Moore, Andrew W.}

Is this possible to generate bibliography out of my MS Word docx file??? That's really important to me: my book has hundreds of references, and deadline is coming...
I tried docx > pandoc-citeproc > docx, but it didn't work...

I would really appreciate Your help.

Many thanks in advance :)

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