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I am currently unable to export the citations to Zotero. I have tried to export multiple times with the Google Chrome extension, and by downloading the files as a .txt and uploading them directly to Zotero. I have been trying for at least ten days, and would really appreciate any advice so that I may continue with my research. Thank you in advance and I look forward to hearing from someone soon.

Thank you.
  • [JavaScript Error: "data is undefined" {file: "chrome://zotero/content/xpcom/translation/translate_firefox.js line 425 > eval" line: 265}]
    Could you explain exactly what you're doing, step by step?
  • When using Google Chrome, I click on the "save to Zotero" extension, and then I click "select all" on the window that pops up. Then I click "ok," and "done" and then it brings the window back up to select which citations I would like to export with out exporting them to Zotero.

    On the off time that it does export to Zotero, instead of exporting all 50 articles on the page that I have selected, it only exports around 47 at a time, leaving some articles off, which is problematic for our systematic review.

    I reached out to the research librarian at my university to assist with me in fixing this problem. She suggested that I export the citations as a .txt. After completing my search, I selected the "export" button at the top of my page. I selected records 1 to 500 with record content as "author, title, source, abstract" then under file format I selected "other reference software." After selecting export at the bottom right of that window, it downloads a file to my computer titled savedrecs.txt. I then open the Zotero application and go to file, import, select the file, hit open, then the error message occurs.

    I have been trying to download these files for the past 10 days, and I need all 4,900 citations to continue the systematic review with my team. I am not sure if the issue is with my own program or with the Web of Science website. Please, at this point I will take any suggestions.

    Thank you so much in advance.
  • Yes, for a systematic review you definitely want to export to a file from the site when possible, due to site access limits.

    Would you mind zipping the file you're trying to import and emailing it to with a link to this thread? A test file from WoS works for me.
  • @madisonparker: Thanks — this is now fixed. There was a specific record in that file that was causing a problem. Your copy of Zotero should auto-update within 24 hours, or you can update manually by clicking "Update now" in the Advanced pane of the Zotero preferences.
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