Note in group: Anyone on the internet can edit??

Hi all,
I have a Zotero group that is set to "Public, Closed Membership" mode. I really would like to make it possible to anyone, including non-members, to view the papers listed in this group.
However, I would also like to use some standalone notes in my group directories, summarising some key research findings for non-researchers to get an easy sense of the papers in each directory.
And the problem I find is that these notes are editable by just anyone who can view the public directory! I cannot find a way to make these notes "read-only"...
Any thoughts on how to do this?
  • To be clear, only group members are able to edit items, not people on the internet who aren’t members.

    You can change library editing permissions on the Manage Library page for the group. For example,, but changing the number for your group’s number. You can set editing to be only for group admins, rather than all members.
  • Thanks for your reply!
    However, what you say is not the case for standalone notes apparently.
    In my group (Public, Closed Membership), anyone online can edit any standalone note within my directories - although they cannot edit any other documents in the directory. Editing is already set to group admins only.
    Would you like to try it out on your own group, and let me know if it's different on your side?
  • They show up as editable, which is a bug that we'll fix, but they're not actually editable. If you try to edit one, you'll get an error message.
  • You're right, an error message says "Received error from Zotero server: An API key is required for write requests." Good! Looking forward to the bug fix then.

    While we're at it: is there any way to modify the width of the frame in which a standalone note is being displayed - or to make the note "pop out" somehow? If not, perhaps you'd like to consider that for some future improvement of the software? (at the moment that frame feels a bit too narrow for reading comfort :)

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