Zotero closes when trying to locate a PDF

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  • dstillman....I'm still having trouble as zotero keeps closing. When I attempt to "locate" a pdf on my computer, right before the click the file, zotero closes. please help.
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    What OS? The filepicker is a system dialog, so if that's crashing there's a problem on your system that's causing that — possibly some security software blocking Zotero's access to the filesystem.
  • Forgive me in advance. I'm not savvy with this stuff, I just like things to work smoothly. I'm using Windows. I have the Zotero Cloud and the OneDrive Cloud that I use to store documents. The path displayed in the "file not found" box is the path where the document is located. When I choose "locate" and navigate to the folder, the moment I click on the document, Zotero closes.
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    When you click Locate, a system file dialog is supposed to open. The fact that it's crashing at that point suggests that something on your system — such as security software — is blocking Zotero's ability to access the disk. You'll need to figure out what that is on your system, since this obviously works in general. We have no control over this other than asking the system to open a file dialog.
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    @anneely: But also, you should almost never need to use Locate. If the path displayed in the File Not Found dialog were where the file was, you wouldn't be getting that dialog to begin with. Most likely, you added the file on another computer and the hasn't yet synced from there (if you're using Zotero file syncing), or if you're using linked files and syncing via OneCloud (which it sounds like you are) the file path on this computer is different from where it was on the computer where it was added and you need to set your Linked Attachment Base Directory correctly on both computers.
  • Ok. Thank you.
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