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edited March 24, 2020
Hi, I am working with Zotero for a lot papers, not only my own.
To organize this I use sub-collections. It is very comfortable, thanks to developers.
My usual procedure is following:
I collect all the related papers in sub-collection, then I insert citations into the manuscript.
Many of us (at least me and my colleagues) like to use numbering format on the writing stage independently on journal requirement, so, we insert [numbers]
Therefore, it will be great to have some additional field, like "order", which could be linked with sub-collection - each paper can have same references but in different order.
This helps to fast sorting and searching reference in Zotero and insert them into the manuscript.

This is not a mandatory, of course.

  • Given that this would be specific to each paper, I would suggest just using a numeric or note citation style (such as Nature or Chicago Note) when writing your paper in Word/LibreOffice, rather than storing such a number in the Zotero item data. If the item is cited in multiple papers, it would then need two different "order" values for each paper. This might make more sense when the planned Document Collections feature is implemented, showing just the papers that are cited in a document. Then a citation-number/order field could be specific to that dynamic collection.

    @dstillman @adomasven This does raise an interesting idea for when Document Collections are implemented, the ability to display/sort by `citation-number` in the collection would be useful.
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    @bwiernik @dstillman
    Hi, I agree.
    1. I definitely use numeric citation style while writting the manuscript.
    2. Ordering citation for different manuscript.
    Zotero already links references for each sub-collection. I thought it is simple to have order number of reference in sub-collection.
    In my experience, I make sub-collection of references for each manuscript
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