"World Politics" Citation style does not shop page numbers for book sections

Hi there!
I would like to quote the part/sections of a book (either a single contribution in an edited volume with contributions from different authors or an individual text, like a short poem, from the complete edition of a particular poet's works). I use the citation style "World Politics" and I noticed that in the bibliography the page numbers are not listed if the entry is listed as book section ("Buchteil" in my German version), although I have entered them in the field provided. The citation style otherwise suits my needs. How can this be solved so that the page numbers are displayed?
cheers, Sofia
  • That's by design for that style -- the journal doesn't ask for them.
    You'd have to modify the style, but maybe look at International Organization instead, which is pretty similar but includes page ranges: https://www.zotero.org/styles?q=id:international-organization
  • Their guidelines do not specify to include pages for chapters.

    The example they give is this:
    Chapter in an edited book Svensson, Lars. 2004. "A Story of Equalisation: Female and Male Wages in Sweden 1920–1995.” In Christer Lundh, Jonas Olofsson, Lennart Schon, and Lars Svensson, eds., Wage Formation, Labour Market Institutions and Economic Transformation in Sweden 1860–2000. Stockholm, Sweden: A lmqvist and Wiksell
  • Thank you! I tried the style "International Organization", but I would prefer to have to book section title in quotation marks (which it does not do). Can you recommend other similar styles to "World Politics"? In general, I need the author/date-format for citations (as in World Politics) and titles to be in Italics or quotation marks.

    Regarding the other solution of modifying the style: would that be complicated?

    Thank you a lot for your quick answers!
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