Transferring from My Library to Group Library

Hi All

I'm trying to help a colleague copy her very useful My Library into a group library. Is there any way to do this that will preserve her Collection structure, but does not require moving collections one by one?


  • Any ideas? As a second choice, would it be possible to "mass tag" the items in each collection?
  • If you have a collection with subcollections in it, you can just drag and drop the top-level collection to the new group you want to copy it to. Shouldn't be problematic at all.

    Regarding tags: I'm not yet aware of a way to bulk add tags to multiple items in a collection.
  • That's right, though copying all top-level collections is a fairly common request, so we'll try to have a better to do that in a future version.

    I'm not totally sure what the question is re: tagging, but you can add a tag to multiple items by selecting them in the middle pane and dragging them to a tag in the tag selector in the bottom left.
  • Thanks, all!
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