Formatting "subsequent-author-substitute" and using it in-line

edited April 3, 2021
Hi there

I'm currently toying around with CSL and trying to recreate a legal citation style used most in my country. With that, I've run into two problems:

As a subsequent-author-substitute, we usually use "idem.", no problem there. However, latin expressions should be italicised wherever possible, and I see no option to format subsequent-author-substitute without changing cs:names or its child elements, which would also affect the actual author names, delimiters or pre-/suffixes.

Essentially, there's (AFAIK) no way of achieving the following result:

"Last1 First1/Last2 First2: BookTitle1.
idem.: BookTitle2."

where "idem.", and only "idem." is italicised.

Another issue is using "idem." in-line.

When citing multiple works by the same author under one citation, "idem." should also be used in-line after the first work. What I'm trying to achieve is this:

"Last1 (2011); idem. (2012)"

with "idem." italicised again, of course.

Am I missing some existing CSL functionality here, or is this a limitation of the current specification?
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