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  • Hello, For my thesis writing, I need to use APA citation style with the following requirements -
    (1) In text citation with (author name, year ) and the number as superscript
    (2) Bibliography in chronological order.

    I have started using zotero recently.
    Requesting advise on how this can be done using zotero.
  • (@dstillman, can we split this question into a new thread?)

    I'm not sure exactly what you mean. Should the in-text citation be: "(Author, Year)" or just a number for the citation? Or do you mean that the in-text citations should be footnotes?
  • Can you give a link to your university's requirements?
  • Sorry if it was unclear.

    Requirement is APA style -
    with 1) In-text citation with (author, year) and superscript with number (the citation order)
    eg. (Druker, 1954) - add superscript - number - the order of appearance

    to appear in order of appearance - according to the superscript no. order
  • If all you want is a numeric APA style, see

    Thanks bwiernik. How do i incorporate this in my zotero app. requesting guidance pls
  • I still don’t know what you want with the in-text citation. Those sound like two completely incompatible things. Can you please post a link to the actual style guide from your university or write out a full real example of what you want.

    To install that file, right click on the link, choose Save Linked File As, save the file to your computer, then open it to install into Zotero.
  • PFA hyperlink to a chapter of a senior - as per requirement for thesis writing in my department - pls check the in-text citation and the end for bibliography order. 1.pdf

  • What university is this for? Is it for the whole university or just a specific program? Is there a link to the style guide online?
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    It is University of Madras in India.
    This is the standard that is followed by (PhD) candidates in my college - as required by our guide.

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    Requesting suggestions please - it will save a lot of valuable time to individually format each citation (as was done by all other research scholars)
  • Yes, I can help you, but please be a little more patient between posts. Can you give a link to the style guide please?
  • we don't have a written style guide for the thesis writing. our university tells us to follow that which is recommended by our college / guide.
    We have been asked to follow this style that the seniors have always done in the past - with modification in the APA style of referencing.
  • You keep referring to a "college / guide". What is this "guide"?
  • guide is my supervisor
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    One problem with this style is how should citations that refer to multiple papers be formatted? For example, (Jones, 2010; Smith, 2014). Here, (Jones, 2010) is one article and (Smith, 2014) is another article. The chapter you posted doesn't have any multiple-item citations in it.

    It's a difficult question for me to answer. Should it be (Jones, 201023; Smith, 201424), or (Jones, 2010)23; (Smith, 201424), or (Jones, 2010; Smith, 2014)23,24?

    The first or second ones are possible. The third is not. Also, it's not possible to do (Jones, 2010)23 for a single-source citation but (Jones, 201023; Smith, 201424) for a multi-source citation both in the same style. Numbers can be either inside or outside the parentheses for the entire style, not switch between the two.
  • Here is a version of the style, doing the second option above for multiple-source citations:
  • thanks !
    sorry but I am a naive.
    you hv shared a code to suit the requirement in my department.
    can you advise how to incorporate this code into my operational zotero app.
  • Right click on the links, choose save as and it will download as a .CSL file. This you can then us tall by double-click or the the preferences.
  • Thanks a ton ! I am thrilled. It works. Made my work so simple and easy. thanks again!!
  • Is it possible to add apa-numeric to the Zotero style repository, to make it a bit easier for colleagues to locate and add it to their style libraries?
  • Is there is a publisher or institution requiring apa-numeric? If so, it's a possibility, but if not, the CSL Repository isn't likely to accept it.
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