Failure to pay annual fee for stotage

Good morning
I searched for above title but did not get a hit.
The question is if I pay 20 usd for additional
storage as owner and then transfer ownership
to another person and they fail or decline to pay
the annual fee what happens? Is all access
denied until arrears are addressed. or can
access be achieved by reducing your stored
data to the free limit of 300mb.


  • If your storage use exceeds your quota because your plan changes (e.g., down to the 300 mb free tier), after some time, files on the server will be deleted to get down to the quota. Files on users’ local computers won’t be affected.

    If you are planning on having someone else be the owner of the group, I would recommend having them take ownership and purchase more storage in the first place.

    If this is a group for an organization, such as a lab, and you are planning for when you will leave the organization, I would recommend making a separate Zotero account for the lab that at least two people have access to. Make this account the group owner and upgrade its storage.
  • Need help. Sitting at 300MB max and have ownership transfer waiting
    for me to take ownership. When I go to link to take ownership it responds
    with access denied. How do I proceed to take ownership if I cannot
    respond to link ? Please advise as I think I would also like to proceed to get
    additional storage. I am in Canada so assume costs quoted for additional
    storage is in US$.


  • Good day could I please get some help on ownership
    transfer link. Cannot access link. Please see previous
    post for particulars.

  • Storage usage won't prevent a group transfer. The ownership transfer is no longer valid (either you declined it at some point, or the current owner canceled it). The current owner will need to initiate the transfer again.
  • Thks fcheslack. I will contact owner.
  • I am owner of 'dead see scrolls' library and have purchased an additional
    2 GB of extra storage. I cannot add to the library as it seems to still be
    flagged as having reached free max of 300MB. What do I need to do to
    have purchase of extra GB reflected against library ?
  • Got it sorted out as sync took care of little yellow triangle
    being displayed as error message.
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