Zotero bug with IEEE xplore journals but not conference papers

I am a new user of Zotero. I love the functions like saving PDF and metadata at the same time and adding tags right away. But I run into this problem of downloading PDFs from IEEE xplore (which is what I use the most for both conference and journal papers). Basically, when I go to the webpage of a conference paper, I can click on the Zotero Firefox button, which will fetch both the metadata and the PDF file (it will show both are retrived in the pop-down, and the PDF is from IEEE not from third party open access). If I go to a journal paper, and click on the same button, I only get the metadata, but not the PDF. In both cases, I have verified that I can manually click on the PDF button on IEEE xplore, and get the PDF version of the papers, so the problem is not about that. I am accessing IEEE xplore using my institution's library proxy link.

What I have tried:
- I just newly downloaded and installed Zotero yesterday, so it's up-to-date (and I double checked when debugging today)
- Testing on multiple journal and conference papers (all from different venues), all with this behavior (conference working, journal not)
- Testing on both Firefox and Chrome, and the behavior persists
- Turning off and on Zotero Connector in Firefox, behavior persists

Example conference paper URL (working): https://ieeexplore-ieee-org.prox.lib.ncsu.edu/document/7969146
Example journal paper URL (not working): https://ieeexplore-ieee-org.prox.lib.ncsu.edu/document/8467992

Example conference paper (working), Zotero Connector Report ID: 644866979
Example conference paper (working), Zotero Client Report ID: 1710682469

Example journal paper (not working), Zotero Connector Report ID: 2027770612
Example journal paper (not working), Zotero Client Report ID: 540595894

Thanks in advance for looking into this problem!
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    PDF saving from IEEE Xplore should work properly again as of a couple days ago. Let us know if you're still having trouble.
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