The ubiquitous reached storage question

Yes I got the message ..Reached storage capcity 209 Kb.

I accessed Zotero library via browser and checked
storage. It shows 1.2 MB used of 300MB free .4%.

I am obviously doing and or interpreting something
incorrectly. I only have admin privileges. Any
help much appreciated. Also checked for app update
on MacBook and the download just hangs for every in
download mode.

  • There are three possibilities, in order of likelihood:
    1. You are logged in with a different account than what you're using to search. This is quite likely the case here
    2. You're misreading the message and it is referring to a specific group, not owned by you. In that case the storage of the owner matters, not yours
    3. You (likely accidentally) added a massive file, such as a big video, to your Zotero library that gets you over 300MB by itself.
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