Wrong way of citing

Hi! I´m a medicine student trying to do the final tesis. The problem is since Zotero undergo the latest upgrade it doesn´t cite as before from Pubmed. Instead of using the Vancouver system, it just includes the link to the web page and the word [Internet].
Could someone tell what should I do?
Maybe I just have to erase the last upgrade of Zotero but I dont know how.
  • You are using Word or LibreOffice to write your thesis?
    Which citation style did you choose under Document Preferences in the Zotero Tab in your word processor?
  • I don't think the problem is the citation style -- it seems like it's not importing correctly. Make sure pubmed is importing journal articles as item type journal article in Zotero and if it isn't, see
  • (I think that current CSL Vancouver styles do include [Internet] for journal articles if a URL is provided, perhaps that’s what the poster is referring to? That’s is part of the ongoing plan to retire the Zotero “paper articles” setting.)
  • (yeah, wasn't sure what was going on, so just wanted to get some more info in.)
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