Zotero Bibliography and Word Endnotes

Having inserted several Word endnotes at the end of text, if I then attempt new Zotero in text citations, Zotero inserts a whole bibliography among these Word endnotes - literally among them! I've tried Word advice about "suppressing endnotes" to move these to another section, but this doesn't work. Is there a way to stop Zotero inserting a bibliography each time I insert a new in text citation?
  • Zotero inserts the bibliography at the place where the cursor is when you click "Insert Bibliography"

    From what you describe, it sounds like there's a left-over marker now where you first did that that's invisible. Show field codes (the opposite of what's described here https://www.zotero.org/support/kb/word_field_codes ) and you should see it. You can then delete that and put the curstor where you actually want the bibliography and then re-insert it (My recollection is that it takes a bit of work to get the endnotes to _not_ be the last thing in a document; you probably have to work with sections)
  • Thanks. That's helpful. I think I've located the problem. My Word endnotes are copied from individual Zotero bibliography records. So Field Codes show that endnotes include Zotero bibliographies. With each new citation, Zotero thinks I want to add a new bibliography record to existing bibliographies.

    So is there any way I can copy from Zotero bibliographies into endnotes and then break any link with Zotero?

    I'm trying to insert a regular bibliography after Word endnotes, but I'll come to that later.
  • I've just cracked it! By converting the "endnotes from Zotero bibliographies" into text from usual Word formatting, this removes any link with Zotero.

    For my main bibliography, I'll obviously work as usual with Zotero, with which I'm usually very content.
  • Hi,

    I am having a similar issue when trying to inset a bibliography after my end notes in word.

    How did you go about doing this?

  • @Ewelch99: Can you say what the actual problem is you're experiencing?
  • I am using endnotes in word and when i go to add a bibliography at the end of my work (after endnotes) it tries to edit the last endnote in my body of writing.

    I have found a long way round this problem by amending all endnotes into footnotes then creating a bibliography. However, this then requires unlinking citations in one document, amending the other back to endnotes, then pasting the bibliography in after all endnotes are unlinked.

    Is it normal to not be able to add a bibliography when using endnotes through zotero?
  • This doesn't really have anything to do with Zotero specifically. By default, Word endnotes exist at the end of the document, and there's no content after them. Zotero is editing the last citation because, as far as Word is concerned, you're still in the endnote.

    So this is just an issue of adding content after endnotes in Word in general, and you can find various resources online explaining how to do that. Here's one.

    Short version: Add a new section at the end of the document content, tell Word to put the endnotes at the end of the section rather than the end of the document, and then insert whatever content you want — including a Zotero bibliography — into the next section.
  • dstillman is right about what actually happens. You need to make sure Word endnotes are at the end of the section, rather than the end of the document and then add another section, into which your Zotero bibliograpy should fit. But the additional safeguard I introduced was to maintain the Word endnote numbers and then convert the actual endnote words/narrative into Word txt, so that the bibliography didn't recognise the text as linked. Hope this helps.
  • You don’t need to do that, though. Zotero integration just works normally once you set up the section break and adjust the endnote setting. You can continue to insert new citations and both the endnotes and the bibliography will be updated.
  • Perfect.

    Thank you for your help!
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