Trouble saving from World Politics Review

This discussion was created from comments split from: Available for beta testing: Zotero Connector for Safari 13.
  • thanks for developing that; however I have an issue saving from this review; which has no proper Zotero metadata, but from Firefox I can grab at least the title and the url; but with safari connector nothing happens
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    I've moved this to a new thread, because saving from this site is behaving bizarrely in all browsers, not just the Safari 13 connector.

    In Safari, Chrome, and Firefox, I get either gibberish in various fields or clicking Save to Zotero doesn't do anything. We'll have to look more closely.
  • thank you Dan, as said I read this review regularly, and with Firefox I manage to save title and url, nothing more, but with regularity; this does not happen from the new safari connector : the icon is white and nothing happens.
  • What URL are you testing? What does it say when you hover over the save button?

    On this page, in Chrome, clicking the save button the first time saves an item with as the title and URL, with no other valid info. Same in Firefox. After that, if I reload the page, the save button won't do anything. To get the save button to do anything again, I have to close the tab and open the URL in a new tab, in which case it saves the same gibberish data.

    We'll have to look into this further, but it's somehow caused by the subscribe box that they pop up in a frame (which is what that URL above is for). If you're a subscriber and are logged in to the site in a given browser, you might not see that. Even if you are logged in, something they're doing may be breaking this.

    But this is a problem that occurs across all browsers, so it's not specific to Safari. I'm not sure why you're seeing the white page in Safari, but there's no point debugging this while saving is failing generally in all browsers.
  • sorry for late reply. Yes indeed I'm a subscriber so I don't see the subscribe box (even if I log out I can't see the subscribe box) however when I press the Zotero button in Firefox I can grab the title and the url (see below the citation (is in Italian):

    «A Rough Guide to Getting a COVID-19 Lockdown Right». s.d. Consultato 20 marzo 2020.

    with safari even logged-in as a subscriber, when I click nothing happens (to clarify I don't have a white page, is the Zotero connector icon that is white instead of grey)

    If there is something I can do let me know
  • I managed to logout on safari and get like you an item like that:
    however when I log in again; the behavior is the same described above; white icon and nothing happens when clicking
  • We've fixed the problem with nothing happening on a second save attempt in the latest beta. It's not clear to me if that's the same issue you're experiencing, but update to the latest beta and, if you're still having trouble, generate a Debug ID from the Zotero Connector for loading the page and trying to save.
  • Thank you Dan, I'm not sure I understand what you mean with "on a second save attempt" - It was not working even at a first attempt.
    However, I updated the beta; and the connector seems working well; I can grab title and URL, so far I tried with some ten different articles and haven't got any problem.
    So thank you very much for fixing it. Just out of curiosity, what was wrong with previous release?

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