problem about style for The Journal Thoracic and cardiovascular surgery (JTCVS)

dear Zotero team:

I am preparing a manuscript for The Journal Thoracic and cardiovascular surgery (JTCVS), but I found that the required citation style is different from the one provided.

The instrucion for JTCVS is shown in for authors online version.pdf
The style of citation should be as follows: Journals: authors' last names and initials; title of article; journal name; date; volume number, and inclusive pages (list all authors when six or fewer; when seven or more, list six and add et al):

As the instruction illustrated, All authors should be listed or the first 6 authors and then et al. I have found a style that is very similar in .However, the 2018 version for JTCVS will use "et al." when the number of author is more than 3.

I have searched for solution. But the csl file really confused me, and I can't figure out how to fit the current style. So, is there any way to solve this problem? Or how can I edit the CSL file?
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