Cannot Install LibreOffice Plugin from Zotero Preferences Panel

Hi everyone,
I have just installed LibreOffice and wanted to install the respective Add-In from the preference panel in Zotero. When clicking the install button, the introduction window appears, I can continue to the following Install Required Components window, but when hitting the continue button nothing happens at all. Also, the button is greyed out and not blue as it usually would be for a recommended action.
What can I do?
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    Which OS is this? Did you choose a custom location to install LibreOffice in?
  • MacOS Catalina 10.15.3
    I installed the program according to the default setting in the applications folder and moved the program afterwards into my office sub-folder.
  • The Zotero LibreOffice plugin installer looks for LibreOffice in default install locations, which is why the installer does not work for you. You can either install the plugin manually or move LibreOffice back to /Applications/ and run the installer from Zotero. We do recommend to keep LibreOffice in the default install location since every time we release updates for the plugin it will not be automatically updated for you.
  • Thanks for the advice. Alas, to no avail. I have moved the LibreOffice back to the default install location: No effect. I have reinstalled LibreOffice at the default location: No effect. I have reinstalled Zotero: No effect. The dialog window says that the plugin requires Java development kit to run and links to a Zotero description, but following the link there is no information about Java whatsoever. Should I install JDK? And then what?
  • Yes, Javas JDK is mandatory for LibreOffice on macOS. You can get the latest JDK here
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