"CSL STYLE ERROR: reference with no printed form"

Hi, I dramatically changed a few of my citations (they were interviews and I deleted the "interviewer with" input and then added it back), and now for many of the footnotes referring to these citations, I now have this error in the footnote rather than the intended one. This is for all new footnotes citing these sources as well.

The message asking me if I want to keep the original or modified version pops up, with the original being my intended footnote and the modified one being the error. (Modified: Zotero's, original: what it thinks I typed into the Zotero footnote)

Please let me know what I should do; I'm worried that it's an error that will spread to the rest of my document...

Thank you in advance!
  • Which citation style are you using?

    As for the message -- what this typically means is that you've manually modified the citation and Zotero is giving you the option to either revert to what Zotero generates automatically or to keep you modified version, which will then stop to update and stay in exactly that form, including when you switch citation styles.
  • I'm using Chicago full-note. I hadn't made any manual changes to the footnotes, but even when I tried to just delete the error-message footnote and put in a new one, it kept giving me that error message for the new footnote.
  • so What is the solution to this? I have the same problem and I fixed before, following advice, but I don't rememebr how
  • What style are you using?
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