Merge duplicates duplicates attachments

Hi. It's a great function of Zotero but I don't understand why merging the parent duplicate items also merges the PDFs. I see no point (other than preserving highlights/notes) to have two versions of the PDFs, which uses up cloud storage.
  • The two PDFs might not be identical (e.g., one might have annotations and the other not; one might be a supplement file), and there isn’t a reliable way to safely automatically pick only one PDF to keep, so Zotero is cautious and avoids data loss by keeping both.
  • @bwiernik I understand, but if they are identical in name and size why keep both?
  • PDFs almost never are strictly identical (e.g., many library systems add a watermark when downloaded, so two copies of the same article won't be identical anymore). Zotero has discussed trying some degree of detecting whether files are identical, but the cases where it would work are uncommon enough that it hasn't been much of a priority.
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