Connector not working with Clipboard in New PubMed

When I save items to the clipboard in New PubMed, the Zotero connector doesn't seem to recognize that there are multiple results on the page. It shows the Generic Webpage icon rather than the Folder icon. This happens in Firefox and Chrome. I've tried updating translators and restarting my browser. (I am able to select multiple results on the search results page, just not on the clipboard.) Any suggestions?
  • I am having the same problem for the last few days as well. It seems to work fine in legacy PubMed for all browsers. I am in a university setting so using a proxy but it does not seem to matter whether I go through our university version of PubMed or straight to Also checked Safari, same issues. Tried all the usual things, restarts, removal and reinstallation of connector, meditation, nothing makes any difference.
  • It looks like search results aren't working generally in the new interface. A developer from PubMed submitted a translator for the new site, but it's possible there were further site changes since then that broke this. I'll reach out to them.
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