Firefox add-on compatibility?

For Zotero 5+ and Firefox 68+, is there any significant chance that Firefox add-ons will work in Zotero? I know I shouldn't expect them to work, but I'm wondering if it's even worth the time to try them out or if the Zotero plug-in architecture is even similar to Firefox add-ons anymore, as it was years ago. I'm particularly interested in add-ons that would allow keyboard customization. Thanks for any info.
  • They're not compatible and won't be compatible in the future since the long-term target is to move Zotero away from Firefox architecture onto Electron.
  • Thanks. I see some old threads mention keyconfig, which doesn't work anymore. If anyone knows of any way to add more keyboard shortcuts to Zotero (other than Zutilio) using changes to preferences, add-ons, etc. please mention them here. I have done some scripting in AutoHotKey but many navigation functions and other functions are not available without the mouse.
  • Most functions in Zotero are available natively via the keyboard or using Zutilo. What are you trying to do that isn’t?
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    Well, I suppose I exaggerated with "many", but one thing is editing the name of an attached file, and another is going from editing a note to the quickfind field (ctrl-f is captured by the note editor). And two of my frequently-used functions are very cumbersome to pull off with the keyboard: adding tags and attaching a stored copy of a file.
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