Error after Automatic Update

After an automatic update, I’ve got the following error message
>Une erreur s'est produite lors du démarrage de Zotero.
>Error: Cannot edit item in read-only library GRI-DAH
From previous event:

Quite similar to :

But I can’t have access anymore to my library and run Zotero. That’s really annoying as I need it to write. Any idea how to solve this ?
  • Note that you're running the Zotero beta. While we very much appreciate bug reports on the beta, if there's ever a problem that gets in the way of your work you can always switch back to the release version.

    I've fixed this in the latest beta, which will be available via Help → Check for Updates in about ten minutes.
  • Thanks a lot for the quick support. The patch worked, everything is fine now. I didn’t remember I was running the Beta version.
    Best regards,
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