Problem with Journal Citation MLA 8

Zotero includes the publisher of a journal in its citations. Example:

Sandra G. Shannon. A Transplant That Did Not Take: August Wilson’s Views on the Great Migration. no. 4, Johns Hopkins University Press, 2018, pp. 979–86. EBSCOhost, doi:10.1353/afa.2017.0153.

The "Johns Hopkins University Press" should be eliminated. In the Info pane on the right next to the collection, this information is listed in the "extra" field. When one eliminates it, the citation is correct the next time you copy it.

Any idea how to make Zotero stop this unnecessary "extra?" This is not something I have seen the program do previously.
  • The style should be updated—it was written assuming that journal articles wouldn’t have publishers. It should be made more robust.

    For now, you can remove the publisher information from Extra.

    @adamsmith @damnation Not sure when I’ll have a chance to get to this one.
  • This is going to be a larger issue: Many CSL styles assume that journal articles don't have publishers, but they now routinely import from EM, so we probably should think of ways to fix this in bulk. We can't do this 1000 times individually.
  • Now that I look at this I also wonder why the author's name was not written last name first. Interesting.
  • that suggests incorrect data entry - names need to be entered as lastname, firstname in two fields in Zotero. Not all automated import is able to get this right, depending on what the database (here: EBSCO) provides
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