Copy notes between libraries

I have created a group library to work collaboratively with my colleagues and have added many notes to the articles. For some reasons, I want to copy some articles with all the notes and tags to My Library, but I find only articles information and pdf were successfully copied; no notes and tags. Annotations in the pdf were also disappeared. I am new to Zotero. Could someone help me with this issue? Thanks.
  • Currently, Zotero will only copy items and their child items once, so if you drag items to another library, add notes in the source library, and then drag again, the notes won't transfer. Same with any other changes (including changes to the file after the first time you dragged it).

    To get around this, delete the items in the target library and empty the trash, and then perform the drag again.

    We know this is suboptimal and are hoping to fix it in the near future.
  • It is fine as long as there is a way to get around it. Thanks very much.
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