State of migration to Elektron framework ?

Hello Dan and all other Elektron Migrators,
what is the reason, why the migration to the Elektron framework stalled ?
It looks as if there were no commits since 2 years.
I think it was not a bad idea (although I agree that memory consumption of these apps is a pain). Is there still a roadmap towards Elektron in discussion or are you exploring different routes (e.g. QT5) ?
  • Best to post this to zotero-dev — we try to keep technical discussions there.
  • @mark-doerr: But just to answer your question, it's not stalled. A prerequisite for switching to Electron is reimplementing the entire UI in HTML/React instead of XUL, and that's still underway.
  • Thanks a lot, Dan,
    for your fast answer - I was considering to help with the migration, but unfortunately I do not know React very well (I prefer vue.js) - depending on my time, I might come up with something different. Have a nice rest-weekend,
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