Is It Possible Different Ibid Term for Books, Article and Web Page?

I try to modify APA and MLA style for my institution. There is different term in use for different ibid term for book and articles.

Is it possible to have different ibid for book, article and webpage?
  • You can as a workaround specify different “long” and “short” forms of ibid, then use one or the other depending on the item type.
  • You could define how the ibid looks for the different versions (short, long, verb, verb-short etc.) and then build a conditional into your ibid section by item type and utilise those newly defined ibids.

    You'd set this in the locale section. Eg.:

    <locale xml:lang="en">
    <term name="ibid" form="short">web-ibidem</term>
    <term name="ibid" form="long">book-ibid</term>

  • @damnation the ibid I mean related with item type as book and article. My question is not related with short or long form. I want to have different ibid term for article and book. How can I have? Thanks.
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    No, you didn't fully understand.
    There is only ONE ibid term. So we can't pull up several different ibids. But what we can do is just, depending on the item type, let it print out a different word. It would be a workaround in CSL.

    Unless I understood your problem incorrectly, but usually adamsmith chimes in when I misread a problem.

    If it ain't right, explain it differently, and we can see. :)
  • I can do this in the MLA style I’m making for you.
  • Thank you for your interest @bwiernik
  • I want an ibid term for books as "a.g.e."
    an ibid term for articles as "a.g.m."

    is it possible @damnation? Thanks
  • Yes, that is possible with the above workaround I gave you.
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