Style Request: Journal of New Zealand Grasslands

Dear Zotero Team

I’m the editor of the Journal of New Zealand Grasslands and I’ve been asked by an author about the availability of a Zotero reference style file for this journal.

I don’t use Zotero myself so I would really appreciate the correct style being built by someone who understands this software.

As per the instructions on GitHub:

Page with "Instructions for authors":
but note that this page does not include details of the reference style.

e-ISSN: 2463-2880

In-text citations:
(Campbell & Pedersen 2007)
(Mares 2001)

PLEASE NOTE: This discussion form does not allow me to add italics so I have used the html tags to show where the italics should start and end but these text strings should not be included in the style.

Campbell JL, Pedersen OK. 2007. The varieties of capitalism and hybrid success. Comparative Political Studies 40: 307-332.

Mares I. 2001. Firms and the welfare state: When, why, and how does social policy matter to employers? In: Hall PA & Soskice D. Eds. Varieties of Capitalism. The Institutional Foundations of Comparative Advantage. New York, USA: Oxford University Press, pp. 184-213.

The journal is open access.

Example publication:

Thanks in advance


Dr Ruth Falshaw
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    html tags work on this forum, so it was shown correctly.

    I made a quick draft of the style. Test it out and let know what needs fixing.
    I actually didn't see any examples in your guidelines, so the style is just based on the typesetting in that .pdf.

    You can also use that link to include it in your author guidelines on your website.
  • Thank you very much for setting up a style for the Journal of NZ Grasslands. I have had a Zotero user check it out and they have found only one problem and that is with the Conference Proceedings type where the name of the conference repeats and there are no details of the actual conference dates and location, e.g.:

    "Neal M, Dela Rue B, Eastwood C. 2017. Defining the value proposition for using technology to improve pasture management and harvest more pasture. Proceedings of the 7th International Tri-Conference for Precision Agriculture 2017. Proceedings of the 7th International Tri-Conference for Precision Agriculture 2017."

    FYI, here are examples of the JNZG style for various reference types:

    Journal Article:
    Alias AN, Smith HH, Jones KC. 1992. Prairie grass control in the Waikato. New Zealand Journal of Agricultural Research 12: 96–104.

    Book Section:
    Francis SM, Peddie JP, McDonald CA, Hofflich MJ. 1974. Control of Ovis aries (woolly aphid) in North Canterbury hill country. In: Bloggs J & Doe K. Eds. Plant pests of New Zealand. Auckland, New Zealand: Kiwi Press, pp. 55–62.

    Conference paper:
    Furneaux RH, Pickering TD, Stevenson DE. 1998. Agars from three Fijian Gracilaria species. Presented at the 17th International Seaweed Symposium, Cape Town, South Africa, 1–3 July.

    Bolger JM, Moore MK. 1993. How to win and lose an election in three years. Beehive Press, Wellington, New Zealand. 260 p.

    Foot D. 1997. New Zealand Agrichemicals [Report 97-0105]. Acme Chemsafe Ltd, Wellington, New Zealand. 400 p.

    Bloggs J. 2010. Page name. Retrieved 12 May 2018 from:


  • Are these guidelines anywhere online, so we can actually link to them in the citation style? usually that is a prerequisite to publish the style.

    Have a look at this:
  • I have now added examples of the JNZG reference style to the Journal's website at:

    I'll get a Zotero user to check the latest .csl file.


  • That is great! :)
    If all journals were like this...
    Btw, you can also include this link on your website like you do for EndNote.
    The link never changes (as long as you keep that name of the journal).
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