Generic Mozilla Plugin?

Searching this forum, I found similar topics about 12 years ago. Since then Mozilla Thunderbird has added the capability to open emails in tabs and, from within an email message, to open a web page in a Thunderbird tab.

This is not surprising, since Mozilla also makes Firefox, and there seems to be considerable overlap in the two apps code bases.

Frequently I come across references that I'd like to preserve in Zotero but can't because I'm using an app, which Zotero does not support with a plugin. But most apps these days have share buttons that allow sharing of a document. For example, the app for my local newspaper allows sharing of individual stories by emailing links to them.

If the Zotero Firefox plugin also worked in Thunderbird, this would be terrific. One could open the link and save the reference information to Zotero without ever leaving the app. Instead, now we have the much more kludgy workflow of opening the email, then opening the link, then opening the link in a browser, and then saving its reference information to Zotero.

Does the Zotero-for-Firefox plugin also works with Thunderbird?
  • I would also like to see such an extension. Yes we can manually create a zotero item and copy/paste email content that way but extensions are much easier and faster for this purpose.
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