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I use Vancouver to cite the articles. Originally, Vancouver's standards do not have doi, but the journal in which I publish requires me to put it . How can I add the doi to the cite?
thanks in advance
  • The Springer Vancouver and Sage Vancouver styles available from the Zotero Styles Repository both have DOI.
  • additionally, now, they require that the cite be in superscript
  • Which publisher and style are you talking about? Have you got a link to the guidelines and a current publication (openly available) so we can check?
  • This is the link You can see that they use superscript and the authors have to put the way to locate the article (the web address or the doi). You can see that the latter is not always true, but it is recommended.
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    You are looking for a custom style for a specific journal here, Revista Medica Multimed, not just "Vancouver" which is a generic term. It even says so in the guidelines "según Adecuación cubana del estilode Vancouver".

    I'll log your request and will make a custom style.

    (For info, this is how one can request a custom style:
  • @heraclito2077

    Just looking into this style.
    I opened a few papers of the journal and I do NOT see any DOIs.

    Also, their guidelines don't show any examples.

    Were the DOIs requested by the editors?
  • As I mentioned before, the authors should put the way to locate the article (the web address or the doi). You may find that the web address is generally used, but you can also put the doi. This is not formally written but it is so. However, I already did it manually. Thank you very much for your interest in the matter.
  • You're not understand.
    I've already created a style. We want to offer a style to ALL the writers/contributors to this journal, so they can provide papers in the correct styles. We not just want to help one person. Hence my "interest" in this matter.

    If this was requested by the editors I am happy to add it in and then get the style on the repository. Please clarify.
  • One of the journals's referee was the one who made me the suggestion to add the doi or the web address to the citations. This recommendation is not in the guidelines but they do suggest that it be added. You can see in the last articles that the citations have the web address.
    I understand that you help everyone and not a particular user and I really appreciate that, in fact that is one of the reasons why I use Zotero.
  • Thank you for clarifying.
    Can you check this style? Right click, save as, install in Zotero:
  • Hi @bwiernik , you mentioned earlier in this thread that the Springer Vancouver style has DOI but when I downloaded it, the DOIs aren't showing up although the DOI field is populated in the individual entry. Am I missing something?

    Thank you in advance!
  • Hi
    I seem to be having the same problem as @daisyquacks. If I choose the Springer Vancouver style the DOI does not show in my bibliography. Am i doing something wrong?
  • I think bwiernik just misremembered. Of the styles labelled as "Vancouver" only the Elsevier style includes the DOI (other Springer styles do, but aren't relevant here).
    I'm pretty sure there are several styles for journals that basically follow Vancouver/Citing Medicine and include DOIs, would help identify them.
  • I see — thanks @adamsmith for clarifying!
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