Can I delete the files in the catelog "Zotero->storage"?

I use Webdav to sync my pdf files in Zotero. But the cataloge I mentioned contained lots of strage name folders like "EUYR8R39", and the folders contain files like ".zotero-ft-cache", "".zotero-ft-info".
Are they useflu? or I can delete them.
  • Don't delete them. They're used for full-text indexing of files across synced machines so that not every synced computer has to re-index files.
  • Thanks!
    BUT sometimes these folders contain only a single PDF file, and every this time I cannot rename and link the attachment using Zotfile.
    How can I deal with it?
  • If you're using WebDAV, you shouldn't be using ZotFile to move and rename.

    But having individual PDFs in these folders is normal and ZotFile should be able to rename & move them.
  • (You can use Zotfile to rename, but be sure that you have selected to use Zotero storage in the Zotfile settings.)
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