Can't drag and drop between collections

I have the latest version. I can no long copy items between collection. I remember being able to do this. Any suggestions? Did a search and didn't find anything.
  • This certainly still works. Restart Zotero and try again, make sure the item you’re trying to drag doesn’t already exist in the target collection (try with a new item), and provide a Debug ID for the drag if you’re still having trouble.
  • Hi, I have the same problem on 5.084 Linux version. I can move any item between any collections. Debug ID is D1342519760.
  • What kind of item are you trying to drag? If multiple, narrow it down in halves until you find a single item or the smallest possible set of items that reproduces the problem.
  • I tried a single child item, and then a parent item, separately. Both didn't work. Is there a keyboard shortcut that I can use?
  • You can't drag a child item to a collection — that doesn't make sense, since the child item can't exist by itself in the collection.

    And if a parent item already exists in the collection, you can't drag it again.

    Otherwise, it should work.

    Can you restart Zotero and provide another Debug ID for dragging a single parent item that doesn't work?
  • Hi, I figured out what's wrong: there is a lag. When I drag the item to a new collection, I need to hover over the new collection for a second or so and wait for the new collection to be highligted. Then only I can drop. Thank you for your help.
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