How to get journal abbreviations in the main Zotero window?

I have imported my EndNote into Zotero. With a few problems it went fine. My main problem is to structure the main Zotero work window. I would like to have a panel with the authors, journal abbreviation, year and Title.

However Zotero has imported the journal names correctly in the full format (which as I can see it can not be displayed in the main window). There is a possibility to get journal abbr in the main window, but nearly all my records do not have an abbreviated journal name. When I create a bibliography in word the abbreviations come out fine. But in the Zotero main window only a handful of of 4.000 have a abrreviation. How can I get the abbreviations
  • The full format would be displayed in the "publication" column in the main window. Does that solve the issue?
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    No because I want to sort on the feature. Having it in the Main Windows males it Much Easier to evaluate in-sted of clicking on each artcle. A standard feature in Endnote
  • Yes, you can display the Publication column in the middle pane and sort on that.
  • But for nearly all my articles, journal abbreviation is enpty. I want a way to couple Journal name and abbreviation
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