Possible minor dialog box bug with Zotero and Google docs?

edited February 28, 2020
I've had a couple of students contact me concerned that Zotero is not working with Google docs properly. In both cases the students were using PCs. Here's the sequence of events:

1. Open Zotero Standalone.
2. Open a Google doc, click on the Zotero toolbar, select add/edit citation.
3. Wait for Zotero while it's "updating."
4. Wait...
5. Wait some more...
6. Wait even longer...
7. Get concerned Zotero/Google docs is broken, contact me.

In both cases it wasn't that Zotero was broken but that a Zotero dialog box had popped up *underneath* other open windows and the student didn't see it and was unaware. Again, not sure if it's a bug (should it be popping up in front of all open windows?) or just something to get used to but thought I would mention it.

  • On Windows if you minimize the Zotero window (as opposed to just setting focus to a different window) then the citation dialog fails to pop up on top of the Browser. So while it is a bug, unfortunately, the OS handles window focus and there is nothing we can do to improve this behaviour.
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