Plugin/hidden pref request: "cites/cited by" in related item lists

I use the "related" tab to link items which cite/are cited by each other. It would be really useful to see at a glance which items in the related tab are "citors" of the selected item (i.e. older items) and which are cited by the selected item (i.e. more recent items).

This could be easily achieved by splitting the related items under appropriate subheadings depending on their date relative to the selected item.

I believe it would be acceptable in this case to have the rare ambiguous item (i.e. related items with the same date value) left uncategorised.

I don't believe this is core functionality or should be enabled by default. I think it would be most appropriate as a hidden pref or plugin , as it does reduce the scope of the related items feature. However I think my use case would be a fairly common one and it should be simple to implement.

I have very little programming background or I would try this myself, but if anyone fancies giving it a go I would be much obliged.

An ASCII mock-up of what I had in mind

5 related: |Add|

These items:

are cited by the current item
*Item one
*Item two
*Item three

cite the current item
*Item four
*Item five

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