5.0.83 update now not sorting editors properly in Zotero display

edited February 26, 2020
I updated to 5.0.83 within the past 24 hours, and I just noticed something very strange with the ordering of entries within Zotero that's making it hard to (manually) search for particular references.

I typically sort by the author column. As far as I can tell my settings haven't changed.

But now entries with only editors (e.g. edited volumes) follow the rest of the entries at the bottom, in random (not alphabetized-by-name) order. I think this relates to some posts I've seen on the forums recently about issues with displaying the editor names in Zotero. Is it possible that correcting that also reset something so that sort-by-creator is now limited to sort-by-author?

Note for clarity: the editor names do display in the Creator column, but they just are skipped over for sorting order.

(I don't know if a debug ID or similar would be helpful in this case. Let me know if you need more information or a screen capture.)
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