Merging Two Accounts With Two Different Owners


We've recently undergone a company merger and are looking to merge two different Zotero group libraries. Each group library is owned, obviously, by a different owner. What is the best way to go about integrating these two accounts?

Thank you!
  • Do you want the two libraries to remain separate, but owned by a common organizational account? Or just one library?
  • We want to merge the two libraries into one account.
  • To further clarify, we want to merge two libraries into a single library for a single account.
  • Make sure the user you want to keep is a member of both libraries, make sure Zotero is set to download files "at sync time" rather than "as needed" so that all files exist locally, and then just drag all items from one library to the other, followed by all top-level collections.

    Note that you'll lose any links to the citations in the source library in existing word processor documents.
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