why is zotero opening in web library now?

I just reopened my library in Zotero, and it says - web library - and the look is different than previously.
Has there been a change in Zotero?

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    You are looking at the Web Library on Zotero.org. That was recently updated to a new version with much-enhanced functionality. However, it still doesn't have the full functionality of the Zotero desktop app you download from https://zotero.org/download

    For any serious amount of work with Zotero, you will want to use the desktop app.
  • I am not sure what you mean... do I need to download a whole new zotero.org? If I do so, what happens to my library (I've been using zotero for over 7 years now with all my material included.) Will I be able to reconnect to all my data? Thanks,
  • Zotero is a program you download, install, and run on your own computer.

    zotero.org is this website, which includes a web-based way of viewing your synced Zotero library.
  • Thank you... I've downloaded zotero... and I just found a way to use my "old" library and switched back to what I'm familiar with.

    I will still try to figure the zotero program, versus the web-based way of viewing.

    Who could I contact to ask these kinds of questions?
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    This is the place to ask questions, but it's not at all clear what the source of your confusion is.

    The new web library is improved in pretty much all ways, and the old version will be going away soon. If there's some problem with that, you'd have to say what the problem is.

    But if you're using Zotero for any sort of significant work, you should be using the Zotero program on your computer, not the web library. The Zotero program syncs with your web library, so you'll see the same data in both places, but with much more functionality in the Zotero program.
  • Ok.. this is my confusion... I did not know there was a different Zotero program on my computer - versus - the web library. I may not be able to ask the right question because of this. Will keep looking at this.
  • I just downloaded a desktop application of zotero (I thought I was using the desktop)... and now I am trying to figure out how to sync the data.
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