ZoteroQuickLook on Mac - any way to specify app to use, and how deal when more than 1 attachment?

It was recommended that I check out ZoteroQuickLook, and although it appears to be a nice way to quickly view a PDF within Zotero on my Mac, but in my limited experimenting with it I have a few questions:

1) is there any way to specify which app is invoked by a spacebar on a Mac? Readme file on Github implies it used default QuickLook functionality, but doese't appear to allow access to the editiung feature Mac QuickLook has, and even if it did i would ideally want to specify something like Preview or PDFViewer which supports selecting text

2) how can one invoke another app via spacebar if there are more than one attached files? I often use the Zotfile feature which allows one to right-click on a PDF and extract annotations, which not only makes the annotations available in the side panel for the Zotero entry but also creates and new attached file with the annotations. In those cases, if I click on the Zotero entry and tap the spacebar, then nothing happens - presumably because there are 2 attachments. So I am wondering if there is a tweak of some sort that would cause the add-on to show the PDF
  • 1) on Mac, the flexibility is very limited for accessing the QuickLook functionality. The only real option on Mac is to use the qlmanage utility, which is mostly intended for troubleshooting and it doesn’t include some of the recent developments of QuickLook generally. QuickLook functionality on Mac in Zotero will likely become much better once Zotero transitions to Electron as a development platform, which has native QuickLook support.

    2) expand out the attachments list but selecting the item and typing + or the right arrow, then select the attachment you want to QuickLook and type space bar.
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