Webdav and Zotero - I don't get it.

Hi all, I'm trying to sync my Zotero library to two machines (one Mac, one PC) and one Android phone using Webdav. Thing is, I'm buggered if I understand any of it. Servers are set up and purportedly work, but when I hit the Sync arrow in Zotero nothing really happens.

I should add that I'm also using Zotfile. If I have it rename everything to my WebDav space (in the Zotero folder), will it sync properly or will that only cause more confusion?
  • I'm not sure what you mean by "rename everything to my WebDav space (in the Zotero folder)". Zotero syncs files stored within the Zotero data directory. It doesn't sync linked files — if you're using ZotFile to convert attachments to linked files stored elsewhere on your computer, you would have to sync those yourself using some external tool.

    If you want to sync files between computers using WebDAV, it's as simple as leaving them as stored files and setting up WebDAV syncing.
  • Ah, that explains it. Thanks for clearing it up. I will experiment a bit, hope it won't be a problem to rename stuff. Just using the automatically generated attachment names is not really an option for me.
  • Zotfile can rename files without moving them. Just be sure to set it to use Zotero storage in the _Zotfile_ settings.
  • I've got it to sync to a Webdav server (well mostly, it chokes on a few files for reasons I can't fathom), but now Papership won't play ball, and I'm at the end of my options. The easier way is probably to just have Dropbox sync everything and forget about Webdav.
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