CSE Style - I could use some help tweaking what Zotero has

Hi Everyone,
I need to use CSE style, and have found on Zotero a good start

Council of Science Editors, Citation-Name (numeric, sorted alphabetically)(2019-08-06 04:37:16)

It has what I need in that numbers identify the references in the text, and then the reference list at the end is sorted alphabetically.

However, I need quite a few changes
-my author names bolded,
-the date should include only the year
-For online resources, the source needs to start the citation, for example, United States -Department of Agriculture [Internet]
-there needs to be NO punctuation after the article title, before the journal name,
-[accessed DATE] needs to be changed to [cited DATE]
-and the words "Available at:" need to come before the URL.
Anyone know how I can make this happen?
  • What exactly is this for? Those are a fair amount of changes, so you're basically asking for a custom style.
  • Hi Adam, This is for publication in LAS Pro. I will go back to the directions now and add more information as well.
  • link for instructions to authors - https://www.aalas.org/publications/information-for-authors/las-pro

    2331-7175 (Print)
    2331-7175 (Linking)

    In text citation - just the number, numbering goes in order of the alphabetized bibliography

    Bibliography - Please note, author names and the volume are BOLDED.
    Campbell JL, Pedersen OK. 2007. The varieties of capitalism and hybrid success. Comp Polit Stud 40: 307–332.

    Book Chapter - Please note, author names are BOLDED.
    Mares I. 2001. Firms and the welfare state: When, why, and how does social policy matter to employers?, p 184-213. In: Hall PA, Soskice D, editors. Varieties of capitalism. The institutional foundations of comparative advantage, vol 6B. New York (NY): Oxford University Press.

    Online resource - Please note, source is BOLDED (In this case, United States Department of Agriculture)
    United States Department of Agriculture [Internet]. 2007. Random-source dog and cat dealer inspection. Animal care resource guide 8.10.1-8.10.6. [Cited 21 March 2007]. Available at: www.aphis.usda.gov

    link to freely available paper with this style

    Thank you!!
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    This journal doesn't seem to really know what they're doing. Stating that one should use CSE, but then have their own house-style is one thing, but then they have quite some discrepancies between their guidelines and what actually is published. And between articles there are some differences, too.
    I have made this style that you can certainly use now to send your manuscript in. Use that and tell the editors that their guidelines vs publications is not consistent and that there is this citation style now that you used. We can then make some smaller edits, once we get some clarification. Just write here and we can align everything then.

  • Thank you! I really appreciate it!
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