Name disambiguation out of order

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  • I have an issue related to disambiguation.

    I have three different authors literally named Pseudonymous, all 2020. In APA author-date style, I see Zotero has cleverly inserted a, b, c after each of them. However, the first appearance of the citation is Pseudonymous, 2020c, second Pseudonymous, 2020b, third Pseudonymous, 2020a.

    I would like them to display in same order as in the article, first mention being Pseudonymous, 2020a, second Pseudonymous, 2020b, etc., so they will be sequential in the bibliography.

    How can I correct this?
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    @crabpaws -- when in doubt, please create a new thread.
    What you're seeing is correct APA style -- the letter correspond to the order in the bibliography which is determined by the title. It's possible to change that in the style, but it's a bit involved (and also, again, incorrect APA), are you sure you want to?
  • APA style assigns a, b, c in citations according to alpha order of the item title?

    I will be changing back to SAGE Vancouver superscript number style, I guess I'll see what that does with the bibliography.
  • It assigns the order of a, b, c, by order of items in the bibliography (which makes sense -- that'd look rather weird otherwise) and that order, in turn, is determined not randomly by the order in which items were cited in a document but alphabetically by the third item in the bibliography entry, after name and date.
  • Sage Vancouver sorts the bibliography by the order citations are inserted.
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