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Hello -

Is there no way to search within the Style Editor? It would be quite useful to be able to search for a word or phrase.

For example, if I wish to replace "short" with "symbol" in certain instances, I would like to be able to search for all occurrences of the word "short", as one might in a word processor. If I am sure that I want to replace or modify them all, ideally one could do that in one batch command (like Search/Replace in a word processor).

This would be an excellent feature, in my view.

Thank you for listening....
  • You can just switch over to the code editor and search for the word short and change as necessary and then switch back.
  • I'd recommend just copying the code over to a good text editor (Atom, Notepad++, Sublime, Visual Studio are some options) and working there, especially if you're doing search and replace type changes. Those give you much more control.
    There's been talk about integrating a more capable text editor into the style editor, but while I don't think that'd be terribly hard, it's also unlikely to be much of a priority
  • Thank you both....

    I recall trying to use TextEdit in the past, and experiencing unpredictable results when pasting back the code into Zotero's Style Editor. Perhaps it works better now.

    It would be nice to be able to do it all in the Zotero Style Editor, though, especially since such replacements are immediately visible in the sample reference in the lower half of the Style Editor window.
  • TextEdit isn't ideal. Use a text editor designed for code.
  • Thank you. I thought that might be the case. I used to use BBEdit for that sort of thing.
  • (There's already an advanced code editor bundled with Zotero for the translator editor, so it's just a question of making that available in the style editor too.)
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