Pubs with Plus signs "+" in manual tags not being found in new web interface

Hi All,

I maintain the Galaxy group library at

I use leading "+" and leading "<" in my manually curated tags. This causes those tags to be listed first in the tag list of both the old and new web interface.

However, the tags with leading plus signs aren't functioning correctly. For example, clicking on the "+Methods" tag used to take me to this URL

That URL is longer recognized, but formerly it linked to 5000+ publications. Clicking on the "+Methods" tag now takes me to this url:

Which lists 2 publications, both of which have the automatic / publisher provided tag of "Methods", without the leading +. Many of my tags don't link to anything at all anymore

My basic question: **Is this a bug, or have I been abusing tags?**

If it's a bug, is there any chance this might be addressed sometime soon?

If it's abuse of tags, do people have any suggestions for how I can fix my tags and still get them to be at the top of the tag list? Note that my tags with leading "<" characters seem to still work.

Dave C

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