Zotero ID Error: 1146905284

AVIRA Antivirus found 3 files which might be virus, ExpKit.Gen2
One is named Analysis.html
Since then I can't syn my Zotero database.
Please advise.

Thanks Alin
  • That would just be a file from the snapshot of a webpage you saved from. Look at the file path and copy the 8-character folder name ('UNR6A5R7', probably) into the Zotero search bar in All Fields & Tags mode to find the item in question, and then delete it and empty the trash.
  • Zotero search bar can't find the folder named such, although I can identify it through the windows explorer search. The problem is that no matter whether I manually delete them or let Avira delete them, I end up having a zotero which can't sync with no reported warning messages except for the red warning sign.
  • If that item still exists in your library, you'll definitely be able to find it if you search in All Fields & Tags mode in the library root.
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