PDF-Import: Wrong metadata


I've got a PDF where the import gives me wrong metadata. The book is part of a series and the third page lists each book in the series together with the ISBN. In the debug log it's quite easy to see that all SRU-requests are performed using the wrong ISBN, but I can't figure out where exactly things go off the rails. If you want I can share the PDF with you so you can inspect what is going on here.

  • If you have a link to a gated copy, we can see if we can access it. Otherwise you can email it to support@zotero.org with a link to this thread.
  • Thanks for sending the PDF.

    The first page with the title is just an image, so it's not readable, and as you say, the third page lists all books in the series, with this book fourth. Zotero is picking the second book in the list instead of the first for some reason, but either way it would be wrong. The fourth page does list the real title in large print, so it's possible that could be used as a signal, but the ISBNs on the previous page make that trickier. We'll see if there's anything we can do here.

    For now, this would be a case where you would just need to right-click on the parent item and undo the recognition, and then save the item from the article page and drag the PDF on top of it. (Or, if you didn't get the PDF on its own from somewhere, you would just save from the article page to begin with and not have to rely on PDF recognition.)
  • The update for our PDF recognition system is on the way. The recognition of Springer books and series should be much better now.

    Thanks for reporting.
  • Good to hear that this will improve. Thanks for your work!
  • Fixed now — thanks.
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