Public Group Library viewership

I've compiled a group bibliography that is open for anyone to view, and I'd like to know how many people are reaching and viewing it. Can Zotero provide any kind of web traffic report for a group's library page?
  • Sorry, this isn't something we provide.

    I'm not sure anyone has any particular objection to it, but providing meaningful analytics would be a pretty significant undertaking, and it's not something we currently have any plans to do.
  • Thanks for the answer. Is it possible to use an external app like Google Analytics or some other to track usage?
  • No, that's not possible.
  • Oh, sorry, you mean would it be possible for us to do that? We wouldn't use Google Analytics, and it's unlikely we'd use a different third-party hosted service. There are locally hosted analytics packages, but customizing one to show just the right data for each library would still be a large undertaking.
  • I would love to track usage as well for a Public, Closed group library.
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