Feature request: Add Year (date) to Zotero Advanced Search results

Hello, this is driving me nuts. Advanced search (tiny magnifying glass icon), which is so helpful in so many ways, does not show Year of items in search results.

This is important! Timing of papers is important; the most recent papers are often what we want. Or maybe we're doing a chronological review. Can a column for this be added?

  • While this is planned, note that a trivial workaround is just to save the search — or keep an extra search that you double-click to edit — and sort in the main window.
  • Theoretically trivial but very time-consuming! Looking forward to seeing the Date column added. Thanks.
  • It's not really time-consuming. As I say, you can just leave a saved search that you always use as a temporary search. Then it's just a question of double-clicking the saved search instead of single-clicking the magnifying glass icon, and double-clicking again to change the search instead of just making the changes in the same window.
  • It's important to compare all the results by date. For example, I may not want the most recent paper answering to a tag, one a couple of years back might be the more complete review.

    Opening the entries one by one from the search results -- you'd need a pad and pen handy to note the date of each entry. What if you have 30 entries?

    Computers are very good at this kind of sorting. Looking forward to this new feature.
  • If you're looking at single items, you're not understanding dstillman's answer. Read it again closely -- it's about using saved searches, which work exactly like advanced search, but display the results in the form of a Zotero collection -- and post here if you have further questions.
  • How do I make a saved search a sub-folder to an existing folder?
  • That's not currently possible.
  • I think it could be a valid search/inquiry to perform, that is either a given year or an interval say 2020-2022 combined with material type for instance Conference Papers. But it does not seem to be possible?
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